The Shadow Cup  
Shadow Cup  Vinnaren av Shadow Cup 1 (Ännu ej Bestämt) 
 The Unholy Grail
 Unholy Grail  The Cereal Killers
 The Tainted Grail
 Tainted Grail  Hags of Khaine
 Tainted Grail  Vinnaren i grupp 3 (ännu ej bestämt)
U.B.B. Award (The Ultimate Blood Bowler)  
UBB Award   Flash - The Cereal Killers
Spike Trophy  
 Spike Award  Grosse Krossarn - Grosse United
 Pop Khorne Award 
  Pop Khorne  Fryx - Arkan Tigers

 Smogg Horgh - Arkan Tigers
 Blood Runner Trophy 
 Runner Trophy  Flash - The Cereal Killers
   Bloodweiser Trophy
 Bloodweiser Trophy  Galad - The Cereal Killers
   Golden Arm Award
 Golden Arm  Squekee - Körninge Rat Pack

 Isanion - Hags of Khaine


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